Monthly WiFi Plan

Best Sellers & Most Reasonable Price.
Highly recommended for long-term visitors in Korea.

Daily WiFi Plan

Use Pocket WiFi as long as you want.
Recommended for short-term visitors in Korea.

Monthly Router Plan

For long-term visitors, especially who want
a stable WiFi connection in the accommodation.

How fast is 4G LTE speed?
  • 4G LTE is speed up to 10-15 Mbps.
    At these speeds, you are able to access most content without any noticeable delay.
    You’ll also be able to utilize things like video conferencing.

To avoid extra charges, Pocket WiFi Korea users must refrain from all heavy downloading/uploading activities such as excessive video streaming and downloading large files. Unless you use Pocket WiFi for activities like these, it is unlikely for you to go over the data limit.

Business users and customers who are concerned about coverage issues, we advise you to rent the Pocket WiFi Korea LTE (WiFi Egg Korea LTE) model for pocket wifi rental product. Pocket WiFi Seoul model uses Wibro network which is older and less reliable.

Pocket WiFi Korea only provides the best pocket wifi rental products to our customers