How to use pocket wifi
1 Switch on the Pocket WiFi by holding down the power button until it lights up.
2 Search for WiFi networks on your smartphones or computers.
3 Choose the SSID number which is written on your Pocket WiFi.
4 Enter the KEY attached to the Pocket WiFi.
5 Enjoy the internet.

On the request of our customers we have made a special video for you. Here is a very easy how-to video on How to use pocket wifi. Please refer to this video if you have any trouble using the pocket wifi.

Most of our customers use the pocket wifi for the first time so it tends to be a little tricky to use at first. We have provided other pages to help with any questions you may have. The buttons below provide help with coverage situation and troubleshooting. Please check these pages out as they will help with your use of pocket wifi.

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